How to deal with roommate

When you are going to study outside for education or job then you will have to live either in hostel or in a hired accommodation. To save expenses you will have to share the accommodation with roommates. The roommate is an important person of your life in school or college days and in job. The person or student who lives with roommates, it is the first time he or she lives without parents. When you live with roommate then many issues between you and roommate may happen.  There are some tips for resolving issues with roommates as given below

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  1. Communication – Daily communication is one of the best tips for resolving issues and improving your relationship with roommate. By communication you will know your partner’s in nature, likes and dislikes. It will help in resolving the issues with roommates.
  2. Sharing interest – If your roommates are of a different social background or culture then you should adjust with them knowing their interests and habits. This will help in solving your issues with roommates.
  3. Help each other – If your roommates are in some trouble then you should help in solving their problem. This will create strong relationship with your roommates.
  4. Respect each other – If you are serious to sort out any issue with your roommates then you should know their views also. It will create respect with each other and it will improve your relationship and friendship with roommates.
  5. Compromise – If you are not able to adjust with their habits such as sleeping late night, not cleaning the room then you should try to compromise with their habits it will resolve the issues amicably.
  6. Cooperating nature – If you are of cooperating in nature then you live enjoy with roommates by helping in daily routine work such as cleaning the house, cooking food, washing the used utensils and clothes. This will help in bonding the friendship strong, improve relationship and solve several issues with roommates.
  7. Share your things – If your roommates demand anything belonging to you such as utensils, soaps, clothes and some other things then you can share them with roommates. It will help in understanding each other and if you will demand anything from the roommates then they will also help you.
  8. Politely talking to resolve issues – If you dislike bad habits of any of your roommates such as smoking, drinking wine and other bad habits then you can talk politely with roommates about their bad habits and resolve this issue quietly and not arguing with roommates.
  9. Sharing daily routine work – Roommates should divide the work such as cooking the food, washing the utensils and toilet, purchasing things for daily work, cleaning the house and many more works. Dividing these works will not create problems with roommates and will solve many issues.
  10. Avoid minute issues – For better understanding  relationship with roommates you should avoid small things such as late night movies, not cleaning the house, loudly listening the songs, not returning small amount of money, sharing your things without asking you and many more small

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