Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The definition of non-alcoholic beverages varies from place to place. For example in European Union, the beverages containing more than 1.2 percent alcohol by volume is considered alcoholic beverages and rest non-alcoholic. In Denmark, alcohol free (or non-alcoholic) beverage may contain up to 0.5 percent alcohol by volume. Similarly in other countries, it is as per given below.

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  • Italy: up to 1.2 percent alcohol by volume
  • Sweden: up to 0.5 percent alcohol by volume
  • UK: up to 0.5 percent

Here in India, the non alcoholic beverages are tea, coffee, lassi, lemonade, mattha, milk shake, sugar cane juice, thandai, and other soft drinks. In countries where alcohol is illegal, similar non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. Such beverages are permitted by Islam and are very popular in countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc.

Low alcoholic beverages are considered non-alcoholic beverages in some countries such as sparkling cider, sodas and juice. Distilled wine produces low alcohol wine and brandy, low alcohol beer and whisky. Mocktails are festive non-alcoholic party drinks which are described as smooth blend of only non-alcoholic beverages. It has now become very popular non-alcoholic drinks.

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