Different Types of Radar

Radar – RADAR means Radio Detection and Ranging. It is a system used to detect, range and map objects such as aircraft and rain. It can also be used for detect, spacecraft, ships, guided missiles, weather formations,  motor vehicles, terrain  and guided missiles. Strong radio waves are transmitted, and a receiver listens for reflected echoes. The reflector can be located and sometimes identified by analyzing the reflected signal. Even though the amount of signal returned is small, radio signals can easily be amplified and detected.

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Types of Radar

Radar systems may be divided into different types of radars which is based on the designed use

  1. Air-Defense Radars
  2. Air Traffic Control Radars
  3. Fire-control Radar or Tracking Radar
  4. Speed gauges
  5. Airborne Radar
  6. Mortar locating Radar
  7. Radar Satellites
  8. Weather Radar
  9. Ground Penetrating Radar

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