Health is wealth

Health is wealth’ is a literally true saying. A healthy person alone can work efficiently and earn wealth whereas a sick person has to spend his money on doctors and medicines. The efficiency of a healthy person is more than sick person. The sick person is always feeling sad and frustrated due to suffering from diseases. There is no cheerfulness in his life which in itself is a great wealth. Health gives us beauty of shape and shining on face which gives full confidence.

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But the question is how to achieve the good health? We should remember that a healthy body is mainly depends on a healthy and positive mind. We should avoid negative feelings such as anger, jealously, taking enjoy in the sufferings of others and many more which is responsible for thinking negative mind. We should avoid bad habits such as smoking, drug and alcohol addiction which is mainly responsible for making sick. For achieve good health, we should have balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise in fresh air and develop habits of cleanliness to keep ourselves healthy. We should for all time remember that prevention is better than cure.

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      Most welcome, thanks for appreciation and reading my post

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