It is a short and a little flame band of fabric which is attached at the waist of a skirt, jacket and blouse of a woman. It emphasizes curves of woman to provide the fantasy of an hourglass figure. The word ‘Peplum’ is a Greek word which means shawl or tunic. In 19th century, the peplum seems which is in the form of an overskirt. Overskirt is a shorter skirt that worn over a long skirt.

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It has several different cuts which are satisfying to different shapes of the body

  1. Apple-shape – The women who are apple in shape, a flared peplum is perfect. This type of style has a silhouette which is same as an A-line skirt and is a style making the body looks more comparative.
  2. Athletic – The women who have no curves then this type of style can be ideal to make an optical illusion. It combines with a big fabric and silhouette will immediately give fuller hips.
  3. Petite – The women who are petite can wear the peplum trend which is not overly flicker or long.
  4. Circle – This type of style has the greatest thing is that it de-accentuates the belly as emphasize the hips and bum. This style is long sufficient to cover the entire midriff.
  5. Hourglass – The women who have an hourglass body in shape then the peplum looks excellent with a shape of hourglass.

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