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Today i am very excited for announced that Congratulations on getting 1,337 total likes ondaneelyunus. Your current tally is 1,375.

Personality and its different types

The term personality has been derived from the Latin word “per sona” which means to ‘speak through’. The common usage of the word personality signifies the role which the person displays to the public. Personality of an individual is unique, personal and a major determinant of his behavior. Because of differences in personality, individuals differ…

Total followers are 200

Today i am very excited for announced that the total followers are Congratulations on getting 200 total follows ondaneelyunus! Your current tally is 201. Thanks my dear friends bloggers for your continually support and want support in future. Thank you so much


Android – The name Android originates from the word android which is a robot designed to look and act like a human. It is an operating system of mobile or smartphone which is based on the Linux kernel. The operating system is designed for touchscreen smartphones and tablets. Google developed  Android operating system and launched…

Most likes on June 25, 2017

On Sunday June 25, 2017, you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts ondaneelyunus. That’s pretty awesome, well done! Most Likes in One Day Current Record: 34 Old Record: 33

How I celebrated Eid festival

Eid-ul-fitra is the festival which is very important and exciting moment for me. Every year I observe all 30 or 29 fastings of Ramzan. Earlier year I observed one month fast in the month of Ramzan. Eid-ul-fitra is observed on the first day of the Arabic month of Shawwal. On the 29th or 30th day…