What is Vertigo and what are its common symptoms

Vertigo is from the Latin word VERTO which means a whirling or spinning movement. When a person feels that the objects around him are moving or spinning then the person is in Vertigo condition. It is worsened when the head is moved. It can also be described as a sense of rotation or spinning around when one is perfectly still.

Common Symptoms – The common symptoms of Vertigo are as follows:

  1. Feeling spinning or swaying when one is even still.
  2. Feeling vomiting or nausea.
  3. Feeling difficulty in moving or walking or even moving head slightly.
  4. Feeling dizziness
  5. Feeling as if one is going to fall that is postural instability
  6. Feeling blurred vision, difficulty in speaking.
  7. Feeling hearing loss.
  8. Feeling lower level of consciousness.

Symptoms may come and go in a short period of time or may last longer. When a child spins around quite some time, he feels vertigo which lasts only for few minutes.


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  1. Rekha Sahay says:

    I guess , this also happens after merry go round ride . Nice information .

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thank you mam

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