What is the difference between everyone and everybody?

Majority of the people believe that there is no difference between everyone and everybody. There are some differences which are discussed below

Everyone word is used which refers to pointing any people or discuss about a gathering of people in the party that’s was present in the situation. Like, “Everyone is wearing black in this party”. Everybody can be used where talking about a hypothetical group of people, and not a present people for now. Like, “Everybody in this party will be wearing black.

One more example: The teacher say, “Everyone raise your hand” in the class. And, “Everybody’s responsibility for cleaning in the city”. Everyone is used for the students which is present in the class while “everybody” is used for pointing to the people in general.

In more detail, “everyone”, “anyone” are used where the group of people is less. If the group of individuals is large then “everybody”, “anybody” is used. Like “I am waiting at a railway station with five more people, and I ask, “Anyone knows the train for the city?” If the number of people in a railway station were fifty then I used the word “anybody”.

On the other hand, you can used these words including anyone, anybody, everyone, everybody can used in roughly all the situations. The differences in between these words are very little and in this discussion you learned the use of these words safely.

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  1. Good that you clarified between the two

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thank you for appreciation

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