Ten popular markets in Lucknow with superb shopping experience

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is  famous for best shopping experience. There are ten main markets in Lucknow including Hazratganj, Aminabaad, Chowk, Nakhas, Bhootnath, Naka Hindola, Alambagh, Yahiyaganj, Patrakarpuram (Gomti Nagar) and Sadar Bazaar (Cantt.) are the well-known markets in Lucknow where you can shop for garments, baby products, toys and stationery items, kitchen utensils, furniture, jewellery  and much more.  If you want to buy Chikan kurtas or suits, you must visit Chowk, Nazirabad, and Hazratganj. After shopping, you can enjoy Lucknow’s cuisine at many restaurants and eateries where varieties of specialities such as Kebabs, Biryani,  Chaat, Mithai and Kulfi are available.

  1. Hazratganj market – Hazratganj is the most popular market in which is situated in the heart of Lucknow. It is famous for shopping Chikan clothes, eating joints, theatres and offices.                                                                                                                      Image result for Hazratganj market lucknow

Hazrat Market

Sahara Ganj, a mall is located in Hazratganj, is a popular shopping malls in Lucknow covering an area of about 425,000 square feet. The mall also has PVR multiplex and a food court.

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Sahara Ganj Mall

Naza market is the part of hazratganj market famous for computer/IT goods in Lucknow.

Image result for naza market lucknow

Naza Market

 2. Janpath Market

Janpath market is in Hazratganj, Lucknow. The market is famous for Chikan garments. Chikankari is the traditional embroidery from Lucknow inspired from designs of Mughal period. Lucknow is also famous for perfumes which are commonly known as Attar or Itr.

Image result for Janpath market lucknow

  1. Aminabad Market

Aminabad is one of the oldest and well-known markets in Lucknow. The market is also famous for Chikan kurta and sarees, jewellery, ornaments and traditional wear.

Image result for Aminabad market lucknow

The market is also famous for non-vegetarian foods, bakeries, sweet shops, biryani            and Kulfi including Wahid Biryani and Prakash Kulfi.

There are several oldest shops including Om Prakash Seth, Madan Sarees, Dupatta             Mahal, and Sargodha Cloth House.

  1. Chowk

Chowk is one of the oldest markets in Lucknow. The market is also well-known for             Chikan garments, Attar (Itr), ornaments, and handicraft items which are inspired from Nawabi design . You can buy things at much reasonable prices in Chowk as compared to other markets in Lucknow.

Image result for Chowk market lucknow

There are several restaurants including Chinese, North Indian, fast foods and                       Mughlai variety, serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The kabab paratha of Tunday Kababi is very popular in the city.

5. Alambagh Market

Alambagh is situated about 2 km from Charbagh Railway Station. You can reach the Alambagh market, by an auto, local bus and also e-rickshaw. It is an important ommercial and residential centre in Lucknow. In the Alambagh market, everything  you get fresh vegetables, fruits, sweets, sanitary ware, electronics, clothes, jewellery, sarees, etc. It is a one of the most popular markets in Lucknow.

Image result for alambagh market lucknow

6. Bhootnath Market

Bhootnath is the main market in Indira nagar and is around 7km from the                         Charbagh Railway Station. The market got its name as bhootnath  as it is located  around Bhootnath temple. This market also attracts customers in Lucknow because of the famous temple. Whatever you think, everything available is in the market                  including clothes, utensils, jewellery, sarees, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a local           market and also allows for bargaining and also an important market in Lucknow.

Image result for Bhootnath market lucknow

7. Naka Hindola

Naka Hindola market is very close to to the Charbagh Railway Station, almost at a               walking distance. This market is popular for electronics. You can get all kinds electronics in the market at an inexpensive cost and there is a good scope for bargaining.

Image result for Naka Hindola lucknow

8. Nakhas Market

Nakhas market is situated around 5km from Charbagh Railway Station. It is the                  oldest and important market in Lucknow. The market is famous for zardozi                          embroidered garments, wooden items and jewellery.  If you would  like to expeirence the shopping in the Nakhas market then you visit on Sunday. You will get                  second hand or used goods, electric spares and many utility item used everyday. The market is also famous for bird market. You can buy birds and small animals such as parrots, and rabbits.

Image result for Nakhas market lucknow

Nakhas market

The Nakhas market is also known for delicious kebabs, biryani and Gulaabi Chai or Kashmiri chai.  Gulabi Chai is especially available during Ramzan and Eid in Lucknow.

9. Yahiyaganj

Yahiyaganj is placed nearly to the Nakhas market and famous for the historic Gurudwara in Lucknow. If you shops in the market then you must also visit the Gurudwara, which is famous for being visited by Guru Teg Bahadurji and Guru Govind  Singh who had came in 1671 and 1672, respectively. Everything is available in the market an such as cosmetics, clothes, toys, utensils, crackers, kitchen items and spices at an inexpensive cost

Image result for Yahiyaganj market lucknow

10.Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is located in the Cantonment area of Lucknow and nearly to the                     Charbagh Railway Station at about 2 km.. It is one of the well-known markets in the           city and good for shopping several things. You can shop for groceries, garment and much more in an reasonable prices.

Image result for Sadar bazar lucknow






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