5 Amazing Differences Between Love and Romance

Love is based on caring, respect, and trust in friendship and several relationships for a long-term bond but romance is only based on physical attraction and sexual relationships. Love is a deep feeling which is not just limited to humans whereas romance is based on a beautiful face, money, and sexual attraction.

First of all, understand what is love and romance.

Love – Generally love refers to an intense emotion or feeling of deep devotion, affection, and attachment. It is a set of behaviors and emotions which is characterized by intimacy, passion, and commitment. The feeling of love involves affection, closeness, affection, trust, care attraction, and protectiveness. It is also characterized as an individual commitment, sacrifice, and powerful attraction.

Romance – It is a feeling of love and closeness with a strong attraction to a partner.  Romance is based on mutual attraction and money that is not pure love. The feeling and emotions of romance are greatly associated with romantic feelings and sexual attraction but not a pure love and commitment. Romance may not transform into love and this type of relationship is only based on a beautiful face, physical attraction, and money.

Differences between love and romance – There are several differences between love and romance are discussed below –

  1. The main difference between love and romance is that love is based on intense affection, commitment, care, closeness, and protectiveness while romance is based on money, a beautiful face, and physical attraction but not commitment and a pure love.
  2. Love is a deep liking and commitment to a life partner whereas romance may not transform into pure love that is a temporary relationship or love.
  3. Love or pure love lasts forever that will only grow stronger with time while romance evaporates soon and is not permanent.
  4. Love means affection, commitment, and devotion whereas romance may be fake or superficial such as intimate dinners, romantic trips, and many more.
  5. Love is based on intimacy, commitment, care, and affection but romance is only based on the physical relationship.

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