3 Amazing Types of Open Relationship

Open Relationship – It is an intimate relationship in which one or both partners engage in sexual activities and sometimes emotional attachments with other individuals outside the marriage relationship.

An open relationship is a type of relationship where one or more parties have permission to be sexually or romantically involved with other people outside of the relationship.

Types of an open relationship – There are several types of an open relationships are given below –

  1. Polyamory – It is that type of open relationship in which more than one intimate relationship at a time with the consent and knowledge of everybody involved. This type of open relationship refers to those people who have several romantic relationships at the same time. In this type of relationship, each partner is aware of the other ones.
  2. Swinging – It is that type of open relationship in which partners in a committed relationship and engaging in sexual activities with other individuals at the same time This type of open relationship may regard the practice as a social or recreational activity, which adds variety or excitement or enjoyment or pleasure into their otherwise conventional sex lives or due to their curiosity.
  3. Open marriage – It is a type of marriage or open relationship in which the partners agree that may engage in sexual or romantic relationships with other individuals.

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