International Sex Workers Day 2022

Introduction – International Sex Workers Day is observed on June 2 annually to highlight the rampant exploitation of sex workers with their terrible conditions across the world. The main aim of this global day is to spread awareness about the abuse and victimization of sex workers all around the world.

History – There are about 100 sex workers gathered at Saint-Nizier Church in Lyon, France on June 2, 1975, for expressing their frustration and fury regarding their criminalized or abusive living conditions. On that day, this event made news on several newspapers, and TV channels, and strikes were launched the entire France by sex workers creating a legacy of activism. Sex workers demanded to prevent harassment and the reopening of hotels for their work. They also demanded the proper investigation of several sex worker murders.  Sex workers have participated in this movement and the strike was 8 days long in France. this event was a spark which ignited their basic rights campaign in Europe.  In the year 1995, International Sex Workers Day was established by sex worker rights activists that desire for creating a Global Day of Remembrance and action.

Significance – This international day honors the worldwide action for spreading awareness about the problems that are faced by sex workers and fighting for their human rights globally. The main purpose of this global day is to the promotion of preventing violence, protecting sex workers, and social justice across the world. This day aims to keep safe, prevent discrimination or exploitation, healthy, and poverty which are a part of their daily life.

In India, Supreme Court recognized sex work as a profession and tell to police not to take criminal action against sex workers, treated with dignity, and provide equal protection under the law.


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