Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is a very popular kitchen appliance among people worldwide which cooks and reheats food in a few minutes by using microwave radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum and maintains several nutrients in the meal. This device is used to cook several varieties of food and also reheat earlier cooked foods. 

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The design of a microwave oven in such a way that baking, roasting, cooking, and many more can be easily done. This device is also useful for rapid heating for slowly prepared cooking items including hot butter, fats, and chocolate.

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Advantages of microwave oven – There are several advantages of the microwave oven are discussed below –

  • Microwave oven is very easy to use so that everyone uses this device to cook and reheat the food in a very short time at home.
  • The main benefit of a microwave oven is that easy to use and time-saving as it cooks food in a very short time
  • This device maintains several nutrients in food during cooking that are beneficial for your health.
  • The vitamins are maintained in the food as it is not overcooked in the microwave oven.
  •  It is also used for roasting garlic, garlic bread, making popcorns in a very short time.
  • The device is also used in baking cakes and bread and it is easy and quick for making delicious several varieties of cakes for birthday or Christmas parties.
  • It is used in defrosting frozen vegetables or meat very quickly without unnecessary washing, draining, and wasting the water.
  • The device is used in making several varieties of dishes including cakes, popcorn, pudding, and many more. This device uses less energy as compared with conventional ovens about 80 percent.
  • The consumption of oil in making food in the microwave oven is less as compared with conventional ovens, and gas stoves.
  • It is also used in reheating without making the food wet in a few minutes and almost retains its original form.

Disadvantages of microwave oven – There are several disadvantages of the microwave oven are discussed below –

  • The main disadvantage of a microwave oven is it cannot be used in making roti or chapati and deep-frying.
  • As per research, if you stand in front of the microwave oven during cooking the food then it is harmful to your health as it emits dangerous radiation.
  • If any leakage occurs in a microwave oven, then it emits radiation which is very harmful to your health. When any leakage occurs then it causes several problems such as less immunity, causing burns, cancer cells formation, and damaged eyes.
  • A microwave oven lowers the water content and results to make a dry food that causes dehydration so you ensure that your food contains sufficient water before cooking
  • This device consumes more power to make food so it increases the electricity bill if you daily use a microwave oven to cook the food.

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