Cyber Security

Introduction – Cyber Security is the application of processes, technologies, controls to protect systems and safe data from cyber-attacks. The main work or benefit of cyber security is to lower the risk of cyber-attacks and protect against the illegal exploitation of networks, and technologies. Cyber security concentrates on safe important data by protecting computer systems from unauthorized access. It is the practice of protecting servers, electronic systems, data from cyber-attacks, computers, and networks. This type of security is also known as electronic information security or information technology security.

India's tryst with a New National Cyber Security Policy: Here's what we  need - The Financial Express

At present, cyber-attacks are more dangerous day by day all around the world. Several cybercriminals collect medical and financial data by unauthorizing access to any computers or servers. Some of the hackers steal important or personal data and blackmail the owner for money. Cyber-attack is one of the major threats all over the world.

Types of cyber threats – There are several types of cyber threats are discussed below –

  • Cyber terrorism – It is planned to weaken electronic systems that cause fear or panic.
  • Cyber-attack – It involves politically motivated gathering information by authorizing access to any computers or servers or any network systems.
  • Cybercrime – This type of crime includes single actors or groups that target systems or servers for financial gain.

Malware – Malware means malicious software and is one of the common cyber threats. It is software in which a hacker or cybercriminal has made to damage a legitimate the computer of user. Cybercriminals or hacker uses malware to earn money or in politically motivated cyber-attacks.

There are several types of malware are discussed below –

  • Spyware – It is a program that secretly records so a hacker can make use important to make money such as spyware could steal details of credit or debit cards.
  • Virus – It is a computer program that performed or replicate itself via changing other computer programs by inserting its own code. This type of virus clean important data or file that spreads throughout a computer system and infects files with malicious code.
  • Trojans – It is that type of malware, which is disguised as legitimate software. Hackers trick or attract users to upload Trojans on their computers where they cause harm or steal data.
  • Adware – It is advertising software that can be used to spread malware.
  • Ransomware – It is that type of malware that locks down important or secret files and data of users with the threat of erasing it unless a ransom is paid.
  • Botnets – It is that type of network of malware that are infected computers in which hackers use to perform tasks online without the permission of users.

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