World Adoption Day 2021

Introduction – World Adoption is celebrated annually on November 9 that is a day that to share your story for reflecting on your adoption journey and to connect with those people that touched by adoption. On this day, Ambassadors all around the world are organizing several events that bring together people to celebrate this international day.

History – The World Adoption Day was founded by Hank Fortener in the year 2014. He had also introduced Adopt Together, an adoption crowdfunding platform. The main aim of Hank Fortener is to gather support for his task to reduce the number of orphans all around the world with provide a family for each child.

Significance Every adoption story is different but most of the journeys may start from a painful place where a mother and a child are terribly separated. On this day, you may share your own adoption experience whether you are an expectant mother, an adoptee, a sibling of an adoptee, and an adoptive parent. This global day encourages adoptees parents to share their stories. There are several reasons who adopt orphan children every year may be provide shelter for a child, or may be women who can’t be a mother due to some medical reasons, and are bachelors who wish to have children. As per United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), there are more than 150 million children all over the world who require home.

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The main purpose of this international day is to spread awareness for adoption for those children who are orphans and share their photos on several social media websites. It is also a day where both adoptee and adoptive parents share their adoption experience in their life with people.

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