Chocolates – Introduction, Types of Chocolates

Introduction – Now, the popularity of chocolate is increases day by day especially among youngsters. During festivals and valentine’s week, most of the people take chocolate as a sweet in place of desserts.

 Chocolate is formed by roasting and ground cacao seeds which are made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block. Baking chocolate is also known as bitter chocolate that contains cocoa bitter and cocoa solids. The chocolate is consumed as sweet chocolate, which is a combination of cocoa solids, vegetable oils, and cocoa bitter with sugar. Milk chocolate is one of the sweet chocolates, which contains condensed milk or milk powder. White chocolates have sugar, milk, and cocoa without cocoa solid. 

Chocolate is one of the famous foods and available in several flavors and types all over the world. Some of the foodstuffs contain chocolate such as pudding, cakes, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate biscuits, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate pastries, chocolate brownies, and many more. Chocolates are used as a gift during valentine’s week or love week. Gifts of chocolates are available in the form of hearts, coins, or egg shape.  Most of the couples or lovers impress their partners by offering or sharing chocolates on the chocolate day which will be celebrated on February 9 every year. Chocolate plays an important role in various festivals and valentine’s week.

Now every special sweet either pastry or ice-cream or biscuit contains chocolate that makes taste very delicious. Chocolate is also used in hot or cold beverages including hot chocolate and chocolate milk

Types of chocolate – Chocolates are available in several types which are as given below –

  1. White chocolate – This type of chocolate contains milk, sugar, and cocoa without cocoa solid which imparts a dark color. It is made up of milk and cocoa fat with nutritive carbohydrates sweeteners.
  2. Dark chocolate – This type of chocolate is produced by adding sugar and fat with a mixture of cocoa. Due to great amounts of cocoa solids that indicates more bitterness. Dark chocolate is semisweet due to low sugar content.
  3. Milk – It is one of the sweet chocolates, which contains condensed milk and milk powder. Milk chocolate is available in white color that is very sweet and delicious.
  4. Unsweetened – It is pure chocolate liquor and is also called as baking or bitter chocolate. This type of chocolate is used in baking or several other products by adding sugar and other ingredients. It is important to note that raw chocolate may be referred to as raw cacao that is always dark and contains 75 percent cocoa.

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