10 important uses of Water

Water is the most widely used compound, which is commonly used in industries, agriculture, laboratories, and daily routine home-based work.

There are some of the important uses of water are as given below โ€“

  1. Water is used for the irrigation of crops in agriculture that provides to the common people.
  2. Water is used for drinking purposes by men and other animals. It is used for washing clothes, bathing, and cooking food in daily life.
  3. Water is also used in the construction of buildings.
  4. Water stored in a dam is used to generate electricity at a hydroelectric power station by rotating the water turbines.
  5. Water is used for the production of steam in industrial boilers and in steam engines.
  6. Water is also used as a solvent in many industrial processes.
  7. Water is used at thermal power stations and nuclear power stations to produce steam for the generation of electricity.
  8. Water is used as a coolant in the radiators of buses, cars, trucks, and many more.
  9. Water is used to prepare many chemical compounds such as Sulphuric acid is prepared by dissolving Sulphur trioxide gas in water.
  10. Water is used to prepare fuels such as hydrogen gas and water gas. Water in its liquid form is used to prepare hydrogen gas whereas water in the form of steam is used to prepare water gas.

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