What do you understand by Intranet


An intranet is a private network of an organization or company which can only be accessed by authorized users. The word “intra” means “internal” and so implies an intranet is designed for internal communications.

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It is based on internet technology (such as hypertext and TCP/IP protocols) which is accessed over the internet. An intranet is used in the organization and its associates such as customers, employees, members, suppliers, and many more which is protected from unauthorized users with security systems such as firewalls. It provide several services such as email, data storage, and many secure information about disseminating policy manuals and internal directories for the employees, price and product information for the consumers, requirements and specifications for the suppliers.

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The main purpose of the Intranet is to facilitate internal communication.  A company may create an intranet for allowing employees to securely share messages, e-mails and files with each other. Intranet also provides a simple way for system administrators to broadcast messages and roll out updates to all workstations.

Most intranet solutions provide a web-based interface for users to access. This interface provides information and tools for employees and team members. It may provide calendars, project timelines, task lists, confidential files, and a messaging tool for communicating with authorized users. The intranet can be accessed by using a custom intranet URL. If the intranet is limited to a local network, it will not respond to external requests.

The main aim of an intranet is to share company information and computing resources between employees.  Intranet can also be used to make easy working in groups and for teleconferences.






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