What is HIV and AIDS and how it can spread


It stands for Human immunodeficiency virus infection and it is mainly spread by unprotected sex contaminated blood transfusions, hypodermic needles, and from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding. HIV/AIDS is a disease o which is present over a large area and is actively spreading.HIV initiate in west-central Africa in the late 19th or early 20th century. The Unites States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was firstly recognized the AIDS in 1981 and it is caused by HIV infection which was identified in the early part of the decade.

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It stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The disease AIDS is caused by a virus which weakens the immunity of human body or self defense mechanism. Since the AIDS virus reduces the natural immunity of the human body, therefore the body having AIDS becomes prone to many other infections or diseases. The patients suffering from AIDS actually die from other infections or diseases which attack the body in its greatly weakened state of immunity. This is because the human body cannot resist the disease-causing organisms under those conditions when its natural defense mechanism has been destroyed by the AIDS virus.

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How AIDS are spread

The various ways in which the AIDS disease spreads are given below

  1. The AIDS disease usually spreads through sexual contact with an infected person carrying AIDS virus. So, AIDS is a sexually transmitted viral disease.
  2. The AIDS disease also spreads through the transfusion of blood infected with AIDS virus.
  3. The AIDS disease also spreads by using infected needles for injections.
  4. The children of AIDS infected mother get this disease from mother’s blood.


The AIDS disease has spread in epidemic form (large scale) in Asia and in Western countries. This is because of the undesirable sexual practices, polygamy and polyandry. A few AIDS cases, mostly in foreigners, have also been detected in our country.


There is no medicine or vaccine has been developed so far which can prevent or cure AIDS. So, once a person gets AIDS, he is sure to die in a short span of time.

The best way to avoid AIDS is to adopt clean sex habits and use condom during sex.

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  1. Era says:

    Sir, there are medicines available, yes, can’t cure it fully but definitely can increase the life span of the patient if diagnosed early 😊😊

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Yes u rite but there is not fully treatment for AIDS.

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      1. Era says:

        True, sir, full treatment is not available, research is going on, hopefully we will have it

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      2. daneelyunus says:

        Yes we are still hope for the treatment of AIDS in future

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  2. umojaresearch says:

    AIDS was created to hide in the Human Body and Replicate within 7-14 years, according to the documented Proof exposed by Dr. Robert B. Strecker and his brother Attorney Theodore A Strecker, in the Historic Document, “This Is A Bio Attack Alert”, March 28, 1986. The AIDS Virus needs a Protein Enzyme called “Reverse Transcriptase” in order to replicate & copy itself into your DNA.
    Nature’s Most Powerful Antibiotic against All Diseases & Viruses is, “Olive Leaf Extract”, which contains “Oleuropein”, a Natural Chemical which combines with other chemicals in the Olive Leaf and “Inhibits the Replication Of The AIDS Virus”.

    Ref: Olive Leaf Extract by, Dr. Morton Walker.

    For information in suppressed Natural Cures of AIDS, Cancers, COVID-19 & other Diseases, go to Archive dot org and in subject type, umojaresearch.
    John Burns

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thanks for sharing important information about AIDS


      1. Shared my Private Research on AIDS since 1990. People are not receptive to the Truth About AIDS/HIV. The real shame is, all the Agencies which supposedly help AIDS/HIV Patients were emailed with the Truth & Cure for AIDS/HIV and none responded. The logical conclusion is no-one wants to be “Defunded”. So for many, money is more important than saving the Lives of Humanity.
        Good Luck
        Blessings To All Worthy Of Being Blessed
        John Burns, UMOJA Research, Private Health Research Since 1986

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