Is Loneliness may be cause of Depression or Suicide

Yes loneliness is also one of the main causes of depression and may result into suicide.  Both successful person and unsuccessful person are suffering from loneliness in different situations.

Unsuccessful person feel loneliness – If any person is unemployed or poor then their family members and friends cut their relationship with unsuccessful person that causes loneliness. Unsuccessful person expect from friends and family members for helping but family members and friends did not help that causes loneliness which is the main reason of depression that may result into suicide. Unsuccessful person is not invite any party or marriage ceremony or any family gathering that also causes loneliness which is very dangerous and creates depression.

On Loneliness: Therapeutic growth and the capacity for solitude ...

If any unsuccessful person is suffering with the problem of depression for a long time period then creates suicidal thinking and hurt self. Only parents support that person who is suffering from depression. In other words family members and friends avoid the person who is unsuccessful in their life that causes loneliness. Most of the friends and family members support successful person for their own interest  but they did not help unsuccessful person who needs help. What a strange thing for their behavior.

Successful person feel loneliness – When any person is successful in their life and earns large amount of money then he cuts the relationship with loved ones and creates a relationship with those people who helps in the career. As we know this type of friends are very selfish and not help in emergency conditions. If any person achieves a success in any field he was busy in earning more and more money. He goes to parties, take alcohol and make a two to three girl friends or boy friends to make a status in industry. During starting life lavishly the person enjoys fully with spend money on girlfriends and also make a live in relationship with few girls that are fake people who do not help in problem.

How loneliness affects physical and mental health - Insider

Now making girl friends or boy friend relationship is also a status symbol of successful person. When any person enjoys full by taking debts from several people to maintain the status in the front of rich people then he will starts facing the problem of financial crisis when he get no work . Successful person also buy expensive flat for enjoyment. But when no work from any company then he may sink into debt and suffering from financial crisis. Financial crisis is also one of the main causes of Depression. After that the most of the fake friends who are in industry or company where you work that breaks the relation when you are in emergency conditions. Girl friends or boyfriends also ended their relationship due to financial crisis then a person is suffering from loneliness. When any person are in problem then he realize that family members and close friends plays an important role in life with great full support. Now you get everything but no friends or family members that share your problems which provides relax in life. This type of loneliness and also financial problem is the main cause of depression or Suicide.

Conclusion – The family members help and care the person who is unemployed or facing financial problems which is beneficial to prevent depression.

When you achieve success in any field then maintain contacts with your family members and close friends. These friends or family members give full support when you are in problem that does not affect your status. It will give you relax in life and also marry those person who loves you and care about you then you are not suffering with the problem of loneliness. After success you live simply and save which are used in emergency conditions.

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  1. Domeka says:

    This is a very good topic that needs to be more spoken of

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thank you sir 😊


    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thank you 😊


  2. Binte Bashir says:

    Yes loneliness causes several problems. The mind is empty and an empty mind is the devils workshop.

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Yes u rite, loneliness also affect mental health which is also responsible for depression or suicide

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