Content Writing: Types and Tools

Content Writing – It is the process of writing, planning, editing, and publishing content for digital marketing. The content may contain press releases, blogs, product category descriptions, articles, and any more. Content writing is used to attract specific customers for their company’s products which helps in enhancing production and earn more profit. The main purpose of content writing is to share important information about products that is beneficial in improving engagement, earning customer trust, and creating opportunities for sales.

Types of content writing – There are several types of content writing are discussed below –

  1. Technical content writing – It is also one of the important types of content writing that includes technical information about products and services. This type of content writing is the art of taking factual and statistical information for brands or products. The content in the technical writing in the form of products, blog posts, eBooks, FAQs, and reviews for reaching a specific goal. Big companies employs technical content writers to write about the valuable information and specifications of their products or brands to attract large numbers of customers worldwide. Thus, it is beneficial in enhancing sales and earning more profit.
  2. SEO content writing – It is one of the most common types of content writing to gain the first page of search engines such as Google. It is achieved by informative content, free of copy-paste, creating optimized content, and researching relevant keywords. SEO content writing optimizes the content on the page so the content or article reaches the first page of search engines like Google. It helps in increasing the sales or production of products for your company or brand. This type of content writing may contain short sections with many subheadings and bolded headings for helping audience engagement and search engine algorithms.
  3. Copywriting – It is a very important type of content writing and is the strategy of creating convincing content for sales and marketing. The main purpose of copywriting is to offer valuable information about the products or services that attract potential customers for their business. This type of content includes a write for about us page, valuable information about products, homepage, contact information page, and service pages along with policies, and FAQs (frequently asked questions).
  4. Email writing – It is also an important type of content writing that involves receiving, storing, composing, and sending messages over an electronic communication system. This type of content writing is preferred as compared with several other forms of communication because it is faster and cheaper. Generally, emails are used in communicating for official; or professional purposes. Email writing is also one of the effective ways of professional communication and is not necessary for individuals to reply to your emails. It also helps in promoting products or services for your company through email.
  5. Script writing for video content – It is also an important type of content writing that contains information about your products or services in the video script. Presently, video script is gaining popularity to advertise products for companies across the world. Now, big organizations use video scripts for promoting their brands or services to enhance their sales and profit. It also helps in increasing viewers for your company’s website that helps in enhancing sales with earning a great profit.
  6. Social media posts – Presently, social media websites play an important role in promoting products or services for companies. There are several popular social media websites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more which helps companies to advertise their posts across the world that helps in enhancing the viewers for their professional websites. Now, companies use social media posts and provide important information about their products with specifications and discount offers which attracts large numbers of viewers that is beneficial to increase sales of their products across the world. It also helps in enhancing sales of their products and earns more profit for companies.  Several small companies also use social media posts in several social media websites to provide valuable information about their brands or services because of the affordable cost to promote their products for their customers in enhancing sales and earns great profit.

Tools for content writing – There are different tools for content writing are discussed below –

  1. Google Docs – It is a free web-based word processor where documents may be stored, created, and edited as a part of Google Docs Editors which is a collection of web applications. Google Docs can be used in updating, creating, importing, and creating online documents in different file formats and fonts which may access by using computers with web browsers and an internet connection. In this type of tool for content writing, individuals may also access documents from mobile devices with the use of iOS and Android Chrome and many new documents to work from their devices.
  2. Grammarly – It is an American cloud-based typing assistant that helps in correcting grammar, punctuation, clarity, and spelling that makes the best blog or article. Grammarly was introduced by Dmytro Lider, Max Lytvyn, and Alex Shevchenko in the year 2009. Grammarly also enables users for customizing their tone, style, and context-specific language. It is available as a standalone application to use with desktop programs, which is a browser extension and is optimized for smartphone-keyboard and Google Docs. Grammarly also helps you in improving English grammar techniques to write content without any grammatical errors.
  3. Quetext – It is one of the leading plagiarism-detection software that provides services to millions of individuals including professionals, content writers, and bloggers to improve their writing across the world. Quetext also combines ColorGrade and DeepSearch Version 2 with feedback for detecting duplicate content and preventing copy-paste or plagiarism. It also provides features including DeepSearch technology and smart algorithms for identifying text which is duplicated from several sources on the Internet while ColorGrade uses color-coding for helping users for detecting plagiarized content in blogs or articles.
  4. WordTune – It is one of the Google Chrome extensions which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies that help companies, professionals, and educational institutions for improving their written communication. WordTune allows companies for rephrasing text across many platforms such as Twitter, Microsoft Outlook, Google Docs, and LinkedIn.  It also helps in translating text from Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Spanish languages in the English language as per the user’s requirements. WordTune also allows users or educators for expanding or shortening the length of text that is based on required formats.

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