Is Hugging Beneficial for Your Health

Introduction – Hugging plays an important role in maintaining romance and love between couples.  A warm hug from a partner can increase trust, love, and affection which also improves strong bonds between them. The main advantage of a warm hug is that it helps in lowering stress or depression and is beneficial for mental health. As per research, hugging reduces the level of cortisol and stress hormones. The main benefit of hugging is that it makes a child or kid feel safe, secure, and love.

Health Benefits of hugging – There are several benefits of hugging are discussed below –

  • Hugging helps in decreasing the stress hormone and cortisol level which is beneficial in lowering blood pressure during stressful situations.
  • Hugging improves the circulation of blood which relaxes the tense muscles and decreases pain.
  • Hugging is beneficial in increasing the level of oxytocin in the brain which makes it calm, happy, and active.
  • Hugging helps in enhancing trust, care, love, and affection between relatives.
  • Hugging also increases romantic love which is beneficial in making a strong relationship between married or bachelor couples.
  • Hugging also reduces blood pressure which reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Hugging is also beneficial in improving all types of relationships by physically touching and releasing the love hormone. It also increases love, trust, love affection between people.
  • As per research, a few minutes of hugging with a partner can improve sleep quality.
  • Hugging is also beneficial in making strengthening the relationship between family members and close friends.

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