Global Family Day 2023

Introduction – Global Family Day is celebrated annually on January 1 as a Global Day of Peace and sharing in the United States and also across the world. This international day aims to discourage unjustified negative attitudes towards other countries, religions, castes, cultures, and many more that may increase the threat of hatred and lead to violence. The main goal of this global day is to sensitize people worldwide about peace and make them believe that the whole world is one family.

History – Global Family Day is first celebrated on January 1, 2000. The efforts of Linda Grover to observe this global day is to inspire the date on which the children’s book ‘’One Day In Peace’’ which was published on January 1, 2000, that is written by Robert Alan Silverstein and Steve Diamond. This book was translated into several 22 languages and tells us about the worldwide awakening and emphasizes starting a new chapter about the story of humanity.

Significance – The main purpose of Global Family Day is to insist people globally that are divided into several castes, cultures, religions, and languages which are connected by the bond of humanity. This international day encourages peace, unity, and harmony among common people and is celebrated as a Global Family Day worldwide

On this day, you can give warm wishes to close family members, especially parent, best friends, close neighbors, and many more to know the whole world is one global family with the great start day of the first day of the new year 2023.


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