Happy Singles Day 2022

Introduction – Happy Singles Day is also known as Bachelors Day is celebrated as Singles Day every year on November 11 mainly in China and certain parts of the world. Actually, November 11 has a special meaning or 11.11 was selected to represent ‘single sticks’ which is Chinese slang for bachelors. This international day is mainly for those people who are not in a relationship and marks the unofficial holiday in China. Youths celebrate this global day by purchasing gifts and presents for themselves with a concept of self-care. It is also a day of celebrations and events in honor of being single or a bachelor. The main purpose of this

History –Singles Day is celebrated every year on November 11 due to its numerical significance. The date has four ‘1’ where 1 stand for a single individual thus November 11 or 11/11 signifies four singles together that’s why Singles Day is celebrated annually on November 11. In past, a small group of bachelor students observed this day to mock response customary festivals that are concentrating on couples. Singles day is also called as bachelor’s day that started in the year 1993 at Nanjing University. Later, the celebrations were expanded to many other universities in the year 1990.

Significance – The main aim of this global day is to encourage happiness among those people who are not in a relationship.   Singles Day or Double 11 and is also a popular day to become the largest online shopping day. The main idea of celebrating this day at China’s Nanjing University is a class of anti-Valentine’s Day.

Presently, this global day serves as an occasion for single individuals to meet at parties and several other social gatherings and it is also famous for marriage. On this day, bachelor individuals purchase gifts for their own, and the Chinese media debates or talk about relationship issues topics and love-related problems. Bachelor individuals celebrate this international day as a joy of being alone by treating themselves to delicious dishes and gifts.


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