Happy Boss Day 2022

Introduction – Boss Day is celebrated every year on October 16 to improve the relationship between bosses and their employees and encourage staff to work for the betterment of their companies. This international day provides an opportunity for employees to show appreciation to their bosses for their fair treatment and support at the office. – The main aim of World Boss Day is to improve the relationship between bosses and their employees which makes a good work culture and helps to earn more profit for the organization

History – The beginning of world boss day in the United States. In the past, Patricia Bays Haroski worked as a secretary with her father as a boss in the State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois and wanted her employees and subordinates to display their gratitude for their bosses. She registered National Boss Day with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the year 1958 and chose the date of October 16 to celebrate the birthday of her father as a Boss Day worldwide.

Patricia felt that her father as a boss and all other bosses that are deserved gratitude for the management and leadership that they provide to their staff members or employees in the workplace. She wanted that their staff members or workers to show gratitude to their bosses with celebrations that help to improve the relationship between bosses and their workers or staff members. Otto Kerner, Illinois Governor accepted the registration of Patricia Haroski in the year 1962 and announced that October 16 is celebrated as Boss Day.

Significance – . This global day also encourages employees to honor the work of their bosses which helps to improve the working or professional relationship between managers and staff members or workers. On this day, employers or workers should appreciate their bosses or managers for their dedication and hard work to meet the deadlines and targets of their organization that help organizations to earn more profit. You can also celebrate this international day by appreciating your boss or manager for their great work and support to you in the company.


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