Who is Melinda Rose

Melinda Rose is a Canadian citizen and a 12-year-old girl that was diagnosed with Askin’s tumor which is a form of rare blood cancer. The spirit and willpower of Melinda Rose have inspired millions of cancer patients who are fighting with this deadliest disease. After examining her, the doctors said that she was not going to live for more than a few weeks due to blood cancer. Melinda Rose dedicated her six months for providing joy, and positivity to cancer patients by sharing poetries, roses, and emails. During her treatment, she met thousands of cancer patients that was filled with happiness and hope. She spread happiness by writing letters and sending emails to cancer patients and medical staff with great hope.

According to family members, the doctors treating Melinda Rose had no procedure for the rare blood cancer, Askin’s tumor. Later, she was admitted to the hospital for more than about 4 months and received high-strength chemotherapy during her treatment. She was also permitted to go home for a short afternoon break during this period. Later, the doctors started providing her intensive radiation therapy with medicines in September 1994. Due to these difficulties, she maintained on going to school. But complications put Melinda return to the hospital and finally doctors decided to stop the treatment due to her body could not bear chemotherapy anymore.

Later, doctors realize that the treatment was harmful to Melinda then finally she was sent to a home where she would be more comfortable or happy with family members. Melinda insisted to go for camp for spending a good time in a week where the nurses give 24-hour care to her. Melinda spent a lot of time in counselling with other cancer patients and their caregivers. This brave girl fights with cancer and died on September 15, 1996.

The spirit of a little girl, Melinda Rose inspired other cancer patients. So, World Rose Day is observed to remember a brave little girl, Melinda Rose who is suffering from cancer and dedicated her last 6 months to spread happiness, hope, and joy for the welfare of cancer patients by sharing letters, poetry, and emails.


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