What is a Casual Relationship?

A casual relationship is a type of relationship in which two or more individuals can be dating, daily spending together, and engaging in sexual or romantic activities without any hope for a strong romantic relationship in the future. It is that type of relationship where two persons are engaging in a physical and emotional relationship without any relationship label.

Casual partners can be going for a first or several dates before starting sexual activity with avoiding a long-term relationship. In a casual relationship, generally, individuals do like, are attracted to each other, and engage in sexual activities for fun without any intense emotional connection or relationship. This type of relationship is for fun or enjoyment but not to make a serious relationship. There is no commitment in this type of relationship.

A casual relationship is also an emotional and physical relationship between individuals who can be going on dates without any serious romantic relationship. This type of relationship helps in understanding better your partner. But in some cases, a causal relationship may convert into a  serious relationship and result in marriage with better understanding.


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