World Patient Safety Day 2022

Introduction – World Patient Safety Day is observed every year on September 17 across the world to spread awareness and increase worldwide understanding to enhance patient safety and lower patient harm. The main goal of this international day is to increase the engagement of the public for decreasing patient harm, encouraging patient safety, and safety of health care worldwide. This international day brings together families, health workers, policy-makers, communities, and healthcare leaders for showing their commitment to the safety of patient.

History – The 72nd World Health Assembly introduced World Patient Safety Day by adopting the resolution of WHA 72.6 on ‘Global Action on Patient Safety’ in May 2019 with the purpose to strengthen the health systems and is observed annually on September 17 across the world. This international day concentrates on decreasing and preventing errors, harm, and risks to patient’s life across the world.

Theme – The theme of World Patient Safety Day in the year 2022 is ‘Medication Safety’ which concentrates on medication-related harm caused due to unsafe practices and errors to improve medication safety for patients across the world.

Significance – This international day aims to spread awareness of patient safety across the world. It enhances the understanding of patient safety which plays a significant role to achieve sustainable development goals and worldwide health coverage. This global day provides an opportunity to bring all families, patients, health workers, and communities together to be a part of patient-safe healthcare worldwide.


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  1. When my mother had gotten her first couple kinds of cancer she had to go to two separate doctors and they both had prescribed her hydrocodines that separate times and because one doctor was in one town and one was in another she used to separate prescription places and the long story short not only did she become addicted and not know which was so very sad but she then overdosed and still could not understand what it happened I’m so grateful for things like this safety is so very important spreading awareness is necessary


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