World Music Day 2022

Introduction – World Music Day is celebrated every year on June 21 across the world to honor the singers and musicians for the gift of music. The main purpose of World Music Day is to encourage young and professional musicians for great performances. On this day, there are more than 120 countries celebrate this day and organize free public concerts in public places, parks, and stadiums. Music lovers organize different music concerts and events for people on this special day.

History – Firstly, World Music Day is celebrated in the year 1982 and was organized by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lange in France. Music lovers and customers organized public concerts in several areas such as bus stations, cafes, parks, and museums. The idea of celebrating world music day was initially conceived by Jack Lang, French Minister of Culture. After that, Jack Lange along with Maurice Fleuret started the first-ever music festival in Paris, France, and since it is observed religiously annually on June 21 all around the world.  Maurice Fleuret was a radio producer, French composer, music journalist, and festival organizer who played an important role in introducing a day to celebrate music day. After that, music has become popular in several countries globally. This day provides an opportunity for young or new talents for showcasing their musical talents. Since World Music Day started in Paris, France and it is known as ‘Fete de la Musique’ which means Music Festival.

Theme – The theme of World Music Day in the year 2022 is ‘’Music on the intersections’’ and music is beneficial in reducing depression or stress that is good for your health.

Significance – This international day is observed for providing free music lovers and highlighting the importance of music. It also offers a platform for new and professional musicians or talents to showcase their talents to the world that discuss about how music is beneficial for the human mind and body. Several scientists and experts prove that music is beneficial in lowering stress or tension that providing and is good for mental health. Presently, Music therapy is also used for those individuals who are suffering from mental issues and also helps in better exercise or yoga. People may concentrate on their work and perform better with the help of music.

How to celebrate World Music Day – This international day provides an opportunity for amateur musicians and veterans to come out on the street and participate in several musical concerts to perform music for common people. On the occasion of music day, the streets are jam-packed with the sound of music and music lovers in Paris, France. Most music lovers come for Fete de la Musique and enjoy parades, fairs, fests, and feasts on this day in Paris, France.

Music Day coincides with Yoga Day –Both World Music Day and Internal Yoga Day are celebrated every year on June 21. You can practice some yoga postures by enjoying listening to music on this special occasion. Both music and yoga are beneficial in lowering tension or depression or stress by calming the mind.


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