8 Amazing Differences Between Love and Attraction

Introduction – The main difference between love and attraction is that attraction is temporary but love is permanent. You may attract several times at the same time with any individual but when you are in true love with any person then it’s a different thing. At present, love affairs are a very common thing so they get confused whether it is love or attraction. Falling in love with any individual is one of the best feelings in life. But attraction is the first step to becoming a true love between two persons.

The difference between Love and attraction By Sandeep Maheshwari Hindi -  YouTube

 Before discussing the difference between love and attraction first of all understand what is love and attraction

  • Love – It is a kind of feeling that is defined in several ways by different individuals. But the feeling of love is the most amazing in our life. During difficult situations or problems in life, love is an everlasting feeling that does not change. If an individual is falling in love with someone then he or she accepts the whole personality of that person. When two individuals are in love then they help to each other in difficult conditions. They respect and care for each other if a person is in love with somebody. Love plays an important in making a strong relationship between two persons in any condition.
  • Attraction – An individual may get attracted to anyone easily without knowing the person. You can get attracted to several persons due to their beautiful face, smartness, charming personality and great position in society. An attraction is a feeling of enjoyment with several persons with no care, trust, or respect. You can attract several individuals temporarily and lower interest after some days or months. If you attract or talk to any beautiful person with a great smile then feel excitement but when you attract another individual then lose interest with that person thus it’s a use and throw relationship.

Difference between love and attraction – There are some of the differences between love and attraction are discussed below –

  1. If you feel love with somebody and get into a relationship then maintain respect, trust, care, and a faithful relationship. But when you attract to an attractive person with no respect, faith, and does not care for each other.
  2. You can attract several persons at the same time but if you are fall in love with someone then it’s only one person.
  3. It takes time to true love with any person but it takes a few seconds to get attracted with someone.
  4. When you are fall in love with somebody then love the complete personality including the bad things of that person whereas when you get attracted to someone then love the good qualities not the whole personality of that person.
  5. If any two individuals love each other then they always respect and care about each other feelings whereas in attraction person is always self-interested.
  6. When two persons are fall in true love then they always devoted to each other and anyone does not break the trust of lovers easily but it does not happen in attraction.
  7. In the case of attraction, it remains until physical intimacy but if you are in true love then physical intimacy connects two souls forever. Physical intimacy does not matter in comparison with spending special time with your partner in the case of love.
  8. If you are in love with somebody then should care for that person in any conditions whereas  in the case of attraction you do not care about these things.

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