12 Amazing Health Benefits of Sex

Sex – After marriage, Sex plays an important role in making a strong relationship between husband and wife. It is an essential part of a human’s life with several benefits for your health.

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Healthy sexual life also helps in reducing tension or stress, better sleep, and making a strong bond between couples. Sex is also used as an exercise that helps in burning calories and energizes or happiness in your life.

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Health Benefits of Sex – There are some of the health benefits of sex are given below –

  1. Better immune system – If you two-time sexual activity with their partner in a week then it boosts the immune system. Researchers found that a person that had sex once or twice a week with a high level of the antibody as compared with that person who had not sexed with any partner. So, it’s a great benefit of sex, especially for youths.
  2. Reduce blood pressure – As per research, regular sex also helps in lowering blood pressure that is also beneficial for heart health. High blood pressure enhances the risk of heart stroke or attack and also causes sexual dysfunction.
  3. Lower the risk of heart attack – As per the study, if you have sex two times with your partner in a week then it helps in reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke as compared with those people who have sex less.
  4. Relieving stress – If you can sexual activity with your partner as fun then it changes the mood and enhances the level of hormone that can reduce anxiety or stress. It also provides the feeling of joy and love that comes closer with your partner during sex with a great mood and helps in lowering the stress or depression.
  5. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer – As per a study, the high frequency of ejaculation during sexual activity may lower the risk of prostate cancer. Male people who ejaculated frequently 21 times a month with their partner during sexual activity can reduce the risk of prostate cancer as per research.
  6. Better sleep – Sex lowers the stress and anxiety that helps in better quality sleep for couples. Both wife and husband a fun during sexual activity with relieving tension or depression that is beneficial for good sleep.
  7. Relieves pain – During sexual activity, the hormone oxytocin increases 5 times, which helps in lowering aches and pain.
  8. Burn calories – When you have sex with your partner regularly then it helps in high burn calories and is beneficial in reducing weight. If you do sex for 30 minutes then it burns around 200 calories and helps in lowering weight.
  9. Enhance blood circulation – When you have sex with your partner, the heart rate increases, and fresh blood is supplied to cells and organs and also enhances the blood circulation throughout the body.
  10. Prevent depression – Sex is also as fun between couples that helps in relieving depression by improving sleeping quality, and increased happiness or satisfaction.  Sex also enhances the release of oxytocin that is a feel-good hormone that can be responsible for lowering stress.
  11. Help in making strong relations between couples – Sexual activity also helps in making a strong relationship between husband and wife after marriage. So, sex is very important for a marriage relationship.
  12. Creates intimacy – Sex helps in strengthening the emotional bond between husband and wife. It plays an important in successful marriage relationships by creating emotional intimacy between couples.

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