Why is the population of Tiger decreasing globally?

Now the days of technology and humans destroying the forests, killing innocent animals, creates pollutions that cause immediate climate changes are responsible for reducing the number of tigers all over the world.

India's tiger population is up, but they are still under threat — Quartz  India

In the name of development, we cutting a large number of trees to build highways that change climate and affect animal survival. The waste of industries polluted including air and water that reducing the species especially in water and forests.

Why India's count of its tigers is crucial ahead of 2022?

There are some of the reasons for reducing tiger population all around the world are discussed below –

  • Hunting and illegal trading – Hunting or poaching of tigers occurs as huge demand of each part of tiger globally. The businessman sale these body parts of tigers at a high cost with huge benefit during the illegal trading.
  • Habitat loss – Now humans cut down the whole forests for purchasing timber, agricultural lands, and wood that may reduce the number of tigers. These cutting of forests are responsible for the loss of 93 percent of tigers by reducing the chances of survival.
  • Climate changes  – Due to increasing the pollution and cutting a large number of trees and causes rapid changes in the climate that are also responsible for lowering the number of tigers.

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