Several Important Ways to Conserve Tigers

Presently the population of tigers reducing gradually due to cutting down forests, hunting or killing of tigers for illegal trading, and rapid changes in climate due to pollution. If we do not try to save tigers then after several years, they were extinct that is a very serious problem.

There are several ways to conserve or protect tigers are discussed below –

  • Save forests – If we reducing the cutting down the forests for human needs then helps in saving forests so saving the natural habitat for tigers. If we save forests then definitely increase the population of tigers after some years. It also saves the environment, which is suitable for living things including animals and human beings.
  • Prefer sanctuaries or zoos – If we open several sanctuaries or zoos then it helps in saving the environment and enhance the number of tigers.
  • Control climate changes – When we work in lowering the pollution then it helps in control climate changes as pollution is responsible for climate changes that are dangerous for animals as well as human beings. If we decrease the pollution in water then it is also beneficial to increase the number of nearly extinct animals including tigers.
  • Stop illegal trading of tigers  – If the Government of all the countries will make strict laws against hunting or illegal trading of animals including tigers then it helps in enhancing the number of tigers after several years.

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