What is the reason to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha (Bakrid)

About Bakrid

In the Islamic lunar calendar Eid-ul Azha is celebrate on the tenth day of Zilhijj( the last month of lunar calendar).  The Bakrid will be celebrated on July 21, 2021. The purpose of celebration is about sacrificing something devotees love to show their devotion to Allah. It is obligatory to share the meat amongst family, relatives and poor people equally. Devotees also offer prayers (namaz) on this day in Mosques or Eidgahs before noon. At the conclusion of prayer Muslims embrace each other.

It is also worth mentioning that the rites of Hajj are also performed beginning on the eighth day and ending on thirteenth day of this month that is Zilhijja at the holiest place Makkah. Now due to corona virus all the Muslims will offer prayer at home.

Why Muslim celebrate Eid-ul-Azha (Bakrid) 

Hazrat Ibrahim or Abraham is the common Patriarch of the several religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism. He is respected by Muslims, Christian and Jews. He was born at Ur which is now in Iraq and dies at Hebron now in Israel. His main spouses were Sara, Hazra (Hagar) and Keturah. He was the father of Hazrat Ismail, Hazrat Ishaq (Isaac) and many more.

As per Islamic history, Hazrat Ibrahim is regarded as a prophet and messenger of God and is called Khalilullah. (friend of Allah) because he fulfilled all the commandments and trials in which God nurtured him  in his lifetime. One of the God’s trial was to obey God for the sacrifice of his beloved son Hazrat Ismail. Due to differences between wives of Hazrat Ibrahim, Sara and Hajra , Allah almighty sent a `revelation to Hazrat Ibrahim to take his wife Hajra and little son Ismail to barren place which is now called as Makkah.

Hazrat Ismail was brought up there. One night Allah ordered Hazrat Ibrahim to sacrifice his beloved son Hazrat Ismail in his dream.  He saw this dream three times. Hazrat Ibrahim thought that this is God will or order. He told to Hazrat Ismail about his dreams. Hazrat Ismail gladly agreed for his sacrifice. Actually it was a test of both father and son. They passed the test by showing great patience and devotion to God. Hazrat Ibrahim took his son at same place, tied the son’s both hands and feet,. After that Hazrat Ibrahim blind-folded himself and tried to cut the throat of Hazrat Ismail. He found that a sheep (goat) was sacrified instead of Hazrat Ismail. The sheep (goat) was sent by Allah. In commemoration of this intervention an animal is sacrified.  On this day we celebrate Eid-ul Azha which is popularly known as Bakrid.

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    I actually know the story behind it
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