9 Harmful Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Introduction – Sleep deprivation is also called as sleeplessness or sleep insufficiency and is the condition when not having insufficient sleep that can be either acute or chronic. It is a very common disease and harmful effects on our health. It is that state If you not having sufficient sleep is either acute or chronic.

In acute sleep deprivation, if a person sleeps for a short time.   In chronic conditions, it causes sleepiness, loss or gain in weight, clumsiness, fatigue, and daytime sleepiness. It can also harmful to the brain and function of cognitive.

Harmful effects of sleep deprivation 

There are several negative effects of sleep deprivation on our health are as given below –

  1. Weakens Immune system – Immune system produces protective or infection-fighting substances such as cytokines and antibodies to prevent foreign invaders like viruses and bacterial. Cytokines also help your immune system more efficiently to protect against illness. Sleep deprivation weakens your immune system. If you do not get sufficient sleep then your body can unable to protect invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Thus, it can also take more time to recover from illness. Long-time sleep deprivation can also enhance the risk for chronic conditions including heart disease and diabetes mellitus.
  2. Weight gain – Insufficient sleep increases the appetite and hunger which effects weight gain. Lack of sleep affects the two hormones namely leptin and ghrelin. The function of the hormones leptin and ghrelin is to control the feeling of hunger and fullness. When you ate food then leptin sends information to brain for fullness. But if you suffered the disease of sleep deprivation then brain reduces leptin and increases ghrelin in which you become obese. As per study, an individual sleep less than 6 hours is more obese as compares to an individual sleep more than nine hours. Increasing in weight is related to several diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more diseases.
  3. Increases sugar level in blood – In case of sleep deprivation, it increases the insulin level. The function of the insulin is to maintain the sugar level in blood. High level of insulin encourages storage of fat and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  4. Disrupt central nervous system – Sufficient sleep is essential for healthy central nervous system. In case of sleep deprivation, it disrupts central nervous system. The function of the central nervous system is sending information. Insufficient sleep causes brain exhausted and affects the function of brain. The sending information t brain delays and increases the risk of accidents. Lack of sleep also affects the mental abilities. If this disease go on for long time then starts hallucinations and creates manic depression resultant of depression and suicidal thoughts.
  5. Depression – Lack of sleep and disorders in sleep creates depression. Insomnia is a common sleep disorder which is the first indication of depression. Insufficient sleep intensifies the indication of depression. This depression increases the suicidal thoughts which are very dangerous for human.
  6. Inadequate sleep causes accident – Due to lack of sleep creates the possibility of increase in accidents in road, rail, working with machines and many more. It is more dangerous and resultant to death.
  7. Affects skin – Insufficient sleep affects the skin of the body. If you do not sleep for long time then dull skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes and looking as a patient
  8. Not good for heart – Insufficient sleep effects the heart, sugar level in blood, high blood pressure and inflammation levels. Lack of sleep increases blood pressure, sugar level in blood, and obesity which adversely effects on heart. As per study, sleep deprivation increases the risk of heart attacks and stroke.
  9. Feels tiredness – Individual, who suffered sleep deprivation, feels tires for whole day. It affects the work efficiency of an individual.

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