Asthma – Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Asthma – It is an inflammatory disease of the airways to the lungs which is caused by airflow obstruction to the lungs and easily triggered bronchospasms that is the sudden construction of muscles in the wall of airways.

Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways which carry air to and from the lungs. But there is no permanent treatment for this disease is available. However, the symptoms of this disease are controlled by using several methods for helping people with asthma lead a full and active life.  This disease causes inflammation and narrowing inside the lung, restricting the supply of air.

Types of Asthma – There are some of the types of asthma which are as discussed below –

  • Allergic Asthma – In this type of asthma, the allergy occurs with several things such as pollen, dust, and pet dandruff can trigger symptoms of asthma and asthma attacks in some people which is known as allergic asthma. There are several symptoms of this type of asthma are coughing, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, and wheezing.
  • Occupational Asthma – This type of asthma may occur in workplaces or factories where there are chemical fumes, gases, or dust that causes asthma. In this type of asthma, you may difficulty in breathing, red eyes, and runny nose. According to the National Institutes of Health, the employees in any company who are mainly at increased the risk of developing occupational asthma including farmers, drug manufacturers, detergent manufacturers, bakers, plastic workers, millers, woodworkers, and many more.
  • Persistent Asthma – This type of asthma may be mild or moderate. It is severe and affects daily work. Sometimes it is felt throughout the day. There are some symptoms of persistent asthma are coughing, difficulty in breathing, chest pain or tightness, wheezing, and many more.
  • Seasonal Asthma – This type of asthma may occur in those people who are only in the surrounding environment the whole year in different seasons including pollen and cold air during the winter season. A person does not feel any symptoms of this type of asthma.
  • Exercise-Induced Asthma – It is that type of asthma in which it may occur due to physical exertion and exercise. Some of the people are suffered from symptoms of asthma by exercise. A person who is suffered from exercise-induced asthma, narrowing the airway peaks five to 20 minutes during exercise.
  • Intermittent Asthma – This type of asthma may usually occur about two days, a week. There will be no difficulty in day-to-day works.
  • Childhood asthma – This type of asthma may occur in children in an irregular form that presents in severe attacks. Some of the children may feel daily symptoms due to this type of asthma. However, the main symptom of childhood asthma in children is high sensitivity to substances that cause allergy. This type of asthma also occurs in those children that are tobacco smokers that is very severe. Mild asthma may be resolve without treatment in childhood. However, if symptoms are moderate or severe then it may increase the risk of asthma in the future.

Symptoms of Asthma – There are several symptoms of asthma are as given below –

  • Shortness in breathing
  • Problem in sleeping that is caused by coughing or wheezing and difficulty in breathing.
  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Continuous coughing
  • During exhaling, a wheezing or whistling sound

This may occur a few times during a week or so. It mostly occurs at night and early morning. When the attack occurs the lining of air passages swell causing reducing the airflow in and out of the lungs.  Due to asthma, around 250,000 people die a year all over the world. When symptoms are in peak then asthma attacks occur and may start suddenly which can range from mild to severe.

During asthma attacks, there are some swellings in the airways that may stop oxygen to reach the lungs. This type of asthma attack may also stop entering the bloodstream to important organs of your body.  For asthma patients, there is an asthma inhaler that is used in preventing attacks and relief for patients. If you are suffering from severe asthma attacks then immediately contact with your doctor to prevent this problem.

Causes of Asthma – Asthma may be a genetic or environmental cause. If there is any asthma in parents or siblings then it can be inherited to others. Some of the environmental factors that cause asthma including allergens and air pollution. The indoor allergens that cause asthma such as any animal dander, dust mites, pollen, particles of cockroach waste, features of birds, and mold spores.

Asthma starts before the age of 12 years is due to genetic influence. However, after 12 years of age, it is due to environmental influence.

Treatment – There is no permanent treatment of Asthma and can be managed with rescue inhalers. Severe cases require longer-acting inhalers. Prevention and long-term self-control are key to prevent asthma. People should recognize the triggers in the environment so that those could be avoided. Winter is one of the worst seasons for asthma patients. So, more care is required during the winter season.

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    Thank you for the informative articles as usual….i found that deep breathing exercises definitely helped relieve and reduce my asthma symptoms.

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