Top 6 Beautiful Tree House Resorts in Kerala

If you imagine a tree house then it brings the images of greenery areas with chirping birds, flowering plants, and attractive water bodies. Kerala is one of the beautiful states in India on any trip with beautiful jungles and an amazing view of trees.

Fun and Creative Accessories for a Treehouse or Playground

These tree house resorts are built with coir mats, live trees, and bamboo poles. Tree house resorts attract a large number of people with an amazing view of Kerala.

There are some of the best tree house resorts in Kerala are as given below –

  1. Hiliya Tree House – It is one of the resorts or heritage homes, which is surrounded by greenly or beautiful areas that attract tourists. This resort is placed in Wayanad which is equipped with fruit trees, livestock, and plantations. Hiliya tree house is a seventy-five-year-old with gorgeous deluxe or standard rooms and beautiful views of green nature. You can enjoy an incredible view of tropical forests with several activities including fishing, bird watching, and trekking. In this resort, you can also coffee plucking, cooking, pruning, and many other activities. This resort also offers some amenities for tourists such as free breakfast, free Internet, game room for children, Wi-Fi, spa, massage, laundry service, and many more. If you are planning to visit Wayanad then tree house booking in Kerala.
  2. Tranquil Tree House – This tree house is placed in Wayanad that offers two tree houses with seven rooms in a private estate of coffee and other plantations. Tranquil tree house is set on a 162-hectare coffee and spice plantation with a distance of 7km from the Edakkal caves and 5km from the Wayanad Heritage Museum. In a resort, there are overall 6 cottages and staying in these rooms with a great experience. Tranquil tree house offers several activities including bird watching, swimming pool, and special Kerala Ayurveda massage. It also offers several other activities such as private parking, television, hot water, 24-hour electricity, and housekeeping.
  3. Vanya Tree House – It is a part of the Green Woods resort and is located in Kumily, Thekkady, Kerala. Kumily is a small town that is surrounded by spice-laden hill ropes and dense forests. This resort is around 4km from the Green-Wood Resort. You enjoy free Wi-Fi, laundry service, extra mattress (if request), air-conditioned, parking, 24-hour room service, housekeeping, and also a doctor (if any necessary). In a resort, the room consists of a bed and a single reclining traditional chair. The balcony of a resort consists of two chairs that offer you a spectacular view of the beautiful valley.
  4. Tree House Wayanad – It is one of the beautiful Wayanad Kerala tree houses resort that built on the principle of innovation and ethnicity. Wayanad is the best destination and tourist place for family vacations and honeymoon in the state of Kerala. This resort offers several amenities such as laundry service, spa, free Wi-Fi, children activities, swimming pool, restaurant, free breakfast, and fitness center.
  5. Great Escapes Tree house – It is situated in Chinnakanal, Munnar in the state of Kerala that offers you a great experience of a luxurious, comfortable, and ethnic lifestyle. This resort is a fantastic accommodation for 3 adults that offers a T.V., 24-hour room service, laundry service, and a queen bed. It also comes with a complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and has a separate living room with a balcony to watch beautiful views.
  6. Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House – It is one of the best resorts for such invaluable experience with family members or on a honeymoon trip. This resort is situated in Munnar, Kerala and offers natural activities including Ayurveda organic dining, yoga, and many more. It also offers other several activities such as free parking, children’s activities, free Internet, and 24-hour room service.

Conclusions – If you are interested in trip any tourist place with family members then should visit Kerala and enjoy holidays in tree house resorts Some of the resorts also offers a forest night stay in Kerala with a memorable holiday trip with family members.

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