Why some of the people hate Valentine Day

Some of the people not celebrate this valentine day. They think that  Day is not suitable for our Indian culture. This day promotes line-in-relationship and western culture which is harmful for our culture. In this type of relationship boys and girls are live together without marriage.. This type of relationship break in few years when they get bore with each other.  Some of the people think that there are large number of illegal children are born due to live in relationship which is promotes by the valentine  day

Image result for valentine's day should not be celebrated

if a boy and girl of different religion and caste then it creates tension in the town or city which is challenge for law and order situation. Young boys and girls celebrate valentine at midnight which increases the crime and rape in the city. Some of the old people thinks that now boys and girls are very selfish and did not care for their families to celebrate valentine day with boy friend or girl friend. This increases the tension between two families and also chances for murder but their son and daughter did not care about it. They only care about future and their girl friend or boy friend but did not care their family. What would call this type of love which ruin their family life and creates the tension in their city.

Therefore some of the people do not like valentine day and not recognize this type of selfish love between boys and girls.

I am ask to my readers and bloggers is they think right or wrong for valentine day

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