What is the importance of Valentine Day

Valentine is one of the most popular  in all around the world including India. On this day the boys share his feelings with their girl friends with red flowers, visit to restaurant for dinner date and offers several gifts. Now days valentine day also popular among married couples . Thus married couples also celebrate the valentine day by visit to dinner in restaurant and again go for honeymoon to celebrate this day

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The importance of Valentine Day in the life is to make strong relationship between boy and girl or husband and wife. On this day they spend their time together alone in any trip or visit to mall and cinema hall. This day is for young couples who share their feelings with each other and offers gifts which makes strong bonding or relationship between them.. This day plays an important role in making strong relationship between the couples. They spend the special time for their hubby and know each other on this day.
Earlier Valentine day is celebrated only some of the rich people but it gaining popularity day by day thus middle class people also celebrate valentine day

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