Information Technology and Internet

At present users can collect all sorts of information is very easily by using Internet which makes live simpler and amusing. Internet helps people to find their jobs and get information about company very easily. They can communicate freely with anyone in all over the world. Internet also helps in organizations to use web for carrying on their activities with high speed and frequency for reaching remote locations.

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For starting e-business related information, make e-mail and internet website. By using websites, the companies can get their information related to business published for public by using Internet. Initially off-line transactions are carried on it and then with growing sites, more sophisticated transactions are completed online.

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For exchange of information, an Internet user communicates with the people in different ways such as

  1. By e-mail (electronic mail), and
  2. By sharing the resources.

In e-mail the message (text) is typed forth and back in real time by the user with the help of computer keyboard. In resource sharing, there is a printer which is attached to the network so that every user may use it.

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At present, internet is focused on World Wide Web. This web is technically, a way of communicating information in all over the world. It is an interface which provides the users on computer network to access different media in an easier way and allows the user to watch movies, listening music, play games and many more activities. One can use Internet and the web to explore mutual interests in a variety of fields such as politics, sports, science, music and other leisure activities. Thus the Internet has become a huge source of information and the user can develop contact with people by e-mail, conferencing etc on specific topic

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