Differences between Internet and Intranet

Most of the students get confused between the terms Internet and Intranet. But there is a difference between Internet and Intranet. Internet can be accessed by all but Intranet need authenticated login as an organization privately owns it. There are some differences which are discuss in detail

Internet – The Internet is a worldwide network which establishes a connection and provides transmission between various computers. It is the largest network in the world that uses both wired and wireless mode of communication to send and receive any information such as audio, data, video, and many more.

Now everybody uses the Internet for acquiring information, communication, and transferring data over the network. It provides an excellent source of information to the user.

Intranet – It is a part of Internet which is privately owned by an organization.  An Intranet connects all the computers together which provides access to files, share details, folders and materials inside the network of the company. It has a firewall which is surrounding over the network to avoid the unauthorized user from accessing the network. Only authorized users have permission to access the network.

An Intranet is a network which is in safe way to share the details, materials, and folders as the network are highly secured and restricted inside the organization. It also provides various services such as email, search, data storage, and many more.

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Difference between Intranet and Internet – There are some differences between Internet and Intranet are discussed below –

  1. The Internet provides unlimited information which can be viewed by everyone while Intranet provides data which can be accessed by authorized users inside the network of the organization.
  2. The Internet provides access to everyone while Intranet permits authenticate users of the company only.
  3. The Internet is not owned by any organization or company while Intranet is a private network which is owned by an organization.
  4. The Internet is available to all while Intranet is restricted to authorized users.
  5. An intranet is safer which is as compared to the Internet.
  6. Internet itself contains a large number of intranets whereas Intranet is a part of Internet which can be accessed from Internet but with restrictions.
  7. The number of users in Internet is unlimited whereas the number of users is limited in Intranet.
  8. The traffic is unlimited in the Internet whereas the traffic allowed is also limited in the Intranet.

Similarities between Internet and Intranet – There are also few similarities between Internet and Intranet are discussed below-

  1. Users accessed both Internet and Intranet by using any browser.
  2. Both use Internet Protocols for transferring data.
  3. They are used to share information with the users over the network.

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