How flowers get their color and scent?

At present,flowers are very popular especially in Valentine Day for proposing girl friend.It is also used  for gift in birthdays, and marriage ceremony.  The flower has a thin node which supports it. The pollen in the flowers which are carried by different medium such as insects, animals, , wind etc. which result in the birth these plants.

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Flowers are popular due to its beautiful color and scent with good smell.


The color in flowers is due to Anthocyanins, the pigment which gives red, mauve, blue, purple, and violet colors to the flowers. These pigments are dissolved in sap of cell of the flower. Other colors say yellow, orange, and green are due to other pigments which include chlorophyll, carotene etc. There is no chemical link between them. Anthocyanins are included in the class of chemicals called Flawanoids which gives plants their color.

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Other pigments are carotenoids found in tomatoes and carrots that provide yellow and orange colors. Chlorophyll is the most well-known pigment which provides green color in leaves and foliage. The color of a flower is decided by the hereditary genome of the plant to which it belongs, therefore colors of the flowers of a plant is decided long before the flower are born.

Some flowers such as lungworts, forget-me-not, or other members of the Borage family change color from pink to blue.Actually the colors of flowers attract insects for the pollination.


The scent in flowers is due to certain essential oils that are found in the petals. These essential oils are a complex substance which are broken under certain conditions. On decomposition They are formed into a volatile oil that evaporates readily. We can smell the fragrance on evaporation

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Depending upon the presence of chemicals in that volatile oil, the specific type of fragrance is given off. Various combinations produce different scents. These oils are found in leaves, barks, roots, fruit, and seeds of plant apart from the flowers.

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