Solar cooker

Solar cooker – It is a device which is used to cook food by utilizing the energy radiated by the sun.

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Working of solar cooker – When the sun rays fall on the reflector, the reflector send them to the top of solar cooker in the form of a strong beam of sun-light. The sun rays pass through the glass sheet cover and get absorbed by the black surface in the box. There is about one-third of sun-rays consists of infra-red rays which have a heating effect, and once the infra-red rays enter the box, then the glass sheet does not allow them to go back. In this way, more and more of infra-red rays of the sun get trapped in the black box, due to which the temperature in the box rises to about 100 Celsius to 140 Celsius. This heat cooks the food kept in the black containers. The use of a black surface and black containers inside the solar cooker box is due to the fact that a black surface absorbs more heat than any other color.

Advantages of Solar Cooker – There are several advantages of solar cooker are as discussed below

  1. The use of solar cooker for cooking food saves fuel.
  2. When food is cooked in solar cooker, its nutrients do not get destroyed because in a solar cooker, food is cooked at comparatively lower temperature.
  3. In a solar cooker, upto four food items can be cooked at the same time.
  4. The use of solar cooker does not produce smoke due to which the environment also does not get polluted.

Limitations of Solar Cooker – There are some important limitations of a solar cooker are as given below

  1. The solar cooker cannot be used to cook the food during night time.
  2. During day time, if the sky is covered with clouds, even then solar cooker cannot be used to cook food.
  3. The box-type solar cooker cannot be used to make chapattis.
  4. The direction of reflector of solar cooker has to be changed from time to time to keep it facing the sun.
  5. The box-type solar cooker cannot be used for frying.

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