Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology – Bluetooth is a wireless advanced technology which is used in exchanging data between several different electronic devices. By using this technology, the easy and quick connections between electronic devices can be possible. It is a specification (IEEE 802.15.1) which is used in low power radio communications to connect computers, phones and other devices in short distance without the use of wire. The wireless signals with Bluetooth in small distances which is usually up to 30 feet (10 meters).

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Advantages of Bluetooth – There are several advantages of Bluetooth which are discussed below

  1. It has low power consumption
  2. Bluetooth has range better than Infrared communication.
  3. It is used for share voice and data between electronic devices.
  4. This type of technology is implementing in several products such as printer, GPS system, head set, in car system, web cam, GPS system, keyboard and mouse.
  5. Bluetooth devices are available at low cost.
  6. By using FHSS technique, Bluetooth has less interference as compared to other wireless technologies and data communication is more secure.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth – There are some disadvantages of Bluetooth which are discussed below

  1. The main disadvantage of Bluetooth is security because it operates on Radio frequency and therefore can enter via walls. So this technology not to use for personal data transfer due to low security.
  2. The bandwidth of Bluetooth is lower than Wi-Fi technology.
  3. The range of Bluetooth is very limited as compared to Wi-Fi.
  4. It has slower data transmission rate as compared to other hardware interfacing technologies.

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