What is the difference between telecommunication and communication?

Telecommunication – Telecommunication is the technology in which the transmission of messages, signals, writings, information or sounds of any nature through radio, optical, wire and many more electromagnetic systems. When the exchange of information takes place between members by the use of technology such as telephone and television  then the telecommunication occurs and transmitted electrically over physical media through cables or electromagnetic radiation. These paths of transmission are frequently divided into different communication channels which deliver the benefits of multiplexing. The telecommunication is used in plural form due to it includes several different technologies.

The Role of Telecommunication in Education – Inside Telecom - Inside Telecom

Communication – Communication is an exchanging of information between two persons of different cities, states and countries through mobile, internet and many more.

UNIT-1:Means Of Communication – B.C.A study

Communications are of different types as per scientific study

  1. Information theory – In this type of communication, it concerns the quantification, storage, and communication of information in general.
  2. Communication studies – It concerns and studies human communication.
  3. Biosemiotics – It examines the communication i between different living organisms in general.

The channel of communication may be auditory, electromagnetic, visual or biochemical. The most important part of communication is human communication. The development of society is  linked with growth in telecommunication.


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