Health benefits of drinking milk

Milk – Milks is very popular liquid which is beneficial for all age group people. The milk is received from the mammary glands of mammals. Milk is the main source of nutrition for baby born child and also for infant mammals. The mother’s milk has colostrum provided to born child that prevent several diseases and contain several nutrients such as protein and lactose.

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Image result for MIlk images


The milk is received from several mammals such as buffalo, camels, and sheep. The milk of the cow is one of the best milk for children and adults.

Health benefits of milk – There are several benefits of milk which are discussed below

  1. Healthy bones – Milk contain calcium which is helpful in making strong and healthy bones. The calcium is used in prevent diseases such as cancer, bone loss, arthritic conditions, migraine headaches, pre-menstrual syndrome, and obesity in children. Daily milk drinking with Vitamin D lowers the risk of several diseases such as osteopenia, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  2. Reduce weight – As per research, the conjugated linoleic acid are present in milk can help in reducing the weight. Milk has several nutrients and provides energy but the calories of milk in a glass are equivalent to one plate of rice and sufficient to be a source of energy for your body.
  3. Reduce blood pressure – Milk is rich in magnesium and potassium which controls the blood pressure and lower the risk of heart diseases.
  4. Strong teeth – Milk is rich in calcium with vitamin D which helps in prevent cavities and tooth decay The body absorbed the calcium when the vitamin D in our body so drink milk with vitamin D lowers the risk of decaying teeth and weak gums.
  5. Improve immunity – When you drink milk with turmeric (haldi) then it is helpful in improve immunity resists with the change in season.
  6. Strong muscle – The milk is rich in protein which helps in making strong and healthier muscle. Thus a player and athlete drink milk daily for strong muscle.
  7. Healthy hair – The vitamin A, vitamin B6 and potassium are present in milk that helps in maintain strong hair and reduce hair loss.
  8. Benefit in colon cancer – Milk contains several nutrients which is used in lower the risk of colon cancer.
  9. Improve eye health – Milk is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2 which helps in maintain eye health and prevent vision problems.
  10. Healthy heart – As per study, milk helps in reducing bad cholesterol so it lowers the risk of heart attacks and stroke.
  11. Prevent type II diabetes – Daily drinking low fat milk is beneficial for reducing type II diabetes which causes several diseases include cardiovascular and eye diseases.
  12. Other benefits – Milk contain vitamin D which prevents depression and weakness. The warm milk helps in sleep well.

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