Why do we need voltage stablizers

Voltage Fluctuations are a very common problem in most of the places in India. The main problem of the voltage fluctuations is their variations in voltages which harm the electronic and electrical appliances. So we have to use voltage stabilizer which is an electrical appliance.

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Functioning of Voltage Stabilizers:

The function of the voltage stabilizer is to feed constant voltage current to electrical devices including ACs, T.V., and Refrigerator for protection from damage due to the voltage fluctuations. The voltage stabilizer works on the principle of a transformer in which the input current is connected to primary windings and output is received from secondary windings.

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When there is a fall in incoming voltage, it activates electromagnetic relays and adds to more number of turns in the secondary winding which provide higher voltage that compensates the loss in output voltage. When the increase in the incoming voltage, the reverse occurs and therefore the voltage is at the output side remains almost unaffected.

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