When and why the inside of Qutub Minar is closed for public?

History of Qutub Minar –Qutubuddin Aibak, the founder of Delhi Sultanate, started the construction of Qutub Minar in the year 1192. The construction was completed by his successor Iltumish. It is made up of red sand stone and marble. The minar is 73 meters tall with tapering tower of five storeys. It contains narrow spiral staircase of 379 steps.

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Cause of banning the entry inside the tower– The entry inside the tower was allowed before the unfortunate date on December 4, 1981. On this date, an incident occurred leaving 45 people dead and 24 injured. There was rush on that day being Friday and about 300 – 400 people were inside the tower.Outside the tower, many were pushing for entry.

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Suddenly power failure happened and somebody cried that tower was falling. This created confusion inside the tower which resulted in stampede. The people ran over each other due to narrow staircase. This accident caused death of 45 people so the government banned the entry inside the tower.


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