Who is more successful in the present scenario – a doctor or an engineer

In our society, generally parents decide the career of their children. Normally they prefer the career of a doctor or an engineer. An engineer fetches well-paying jobs after four years of study at a decent college. An IIT engineer or with MBA even gets a package of crores in foreign companies.  At present, there was continuous increase in engineering colleges that increased engineer students and the value of engineers are reduced. So an engineer does not get a good job or remain jobless. Mostly engineers are unemployed in our country due to a continuous increase of engineer students.

A medical student takes five years of basic medical study including M.B.B.S from best colleges and becomes a doctor. After graduation he has to do post graduate in specialization and other courses so he has to do another five to six years of study. Demand of doctors is ever increasing in our populated country, but it requires to make reputation in the society of the doctor which takes many years to build. Thus medical profession is very difficult. They work long hours in their clinic as compared to engineers. If a doctor gets a job in a big hospital then he gains experience and easily open his clinic in the local area with which he earns more money. The disadvantage in the medical field is that it is very expensive course as compared to engineer courses.

Now coming to the question that who is more successful – a doctor or an engineer. Doctors will always be in demand. Choosing the career of a doctor requires patience. Doctors can work lifetime and cannot retire as compared to an engineer. Moreover a doctor can do social work in old age and gets more respect in our society but an engineer cannot get respect and retire after 60 years. Engineers become successful after getting a job in a multinational company in a very short time but gain less respect in the society while a doctor is considered as God in his the area of working.

After discussion we found that doctor is more successful than engineer in the present scenario.

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