How often do we need to change our mattresses

About one third of our life is spent on our mattresses. The mattresses play an important role in our life and also affect the daily activities, energy levels, moods and alertness. Good sleep is very important for our health. It is very important to change our mattresses regularly for good health and sleep.

As per Sleep Council, the replacement of our mattresses is required every 8 years. After 8 years of continuous use, the mattresses become uncomfortable for us as it causes the neck and back pain. After sleep, if we feel tiredness, back pain, and stretch in muscles, then realize that our mattress is not comfortable and needs replacement.

As per earlier research regarding the continuous use of mattresses, it is found that yeast and bacteria exist in them. During sleep, most of the sweat passes through our bed sheets to the mattresses and we wash only the bed sheets. As the mattresses cannot be washed, it increases the growth of bacteria in them and affect our health. Breathing and skin problem are common so we should replace the mattresses and buy new ones.

If we continuously use the old mattresses and also share with other persons it affects the health of those persons too. New mattresses will be comfortable and increase our energy level after we wake up in the morning.

In this discussion, we found that if our mattresses are very old then we must change them immediately otherwise it affects our health.


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